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The HS578T cell strain was derived from a carcinoma of the breast from a 74 year old patient


This is a hypotriploid human cell line with a modal chromosome number of 59. QM staining verified the absence of a Y chromosome. The rate of polyploidy in excess of the modal number is 33.8%. There were 8 consistent derivative chromosomes: del(1)(q12), del(2)(?q36), der(3)t(3;15)(q10;p10), der(5)t(5;8)(p10;q10), i(6)(p10), del(11)(p12),i(17)(q10), der(19)(19pter<-q13::5q13<-qter) plus two markers of unknown origin and one minute chromosome.  Ref

in vivo

Forms tumors in nude mice

Used in allogeneic xenografts

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